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It is only a matter of time

Mind uploading is a fictional technology, but scientists don’t consider it impossible.

The scientific community is convinced that it's possible to transfer consciousness to a computer, but our technological and scientific knowledge is still hundreds of years away from these discoveries.

Our mission is to use the most advanced technologies to collect your unique brain data and keep it safe, waiting for the world to discover mind uploading technology.

The CryoMind process offers a minimal but not zero chance to be reborn in a digital body. The process is absolutely safe, non-invasive, and inexpensive, so why not try it?


The human brain contains nearly 90 billion neurons, each of them connected with thousands of other neurons, creating a huge network of chemical and electrical impulses. This gigantic electric dance results in brainwaves that we can measure by an electroencephalogram (EEG). Everyone’s brainwaves are unique, and there are no two people in the world with completely identical EEGs patterns.

How it works

Here's what you need to do step by step to become a CryoMinder

1. Create an avatar

The CryoMind Avatar is your digital representation in the CryoMind project. It allows you to log into the app, scan your brain and save the data. You can also link photos, videos, your stories to your Avatar, as well as everything else you want to keep for eternity.


2. Get a headset

The scanning session requires an EEG headset developed by our partner company, Emotiv Insight. It's a whole brain-sensing headset with a minimal setup time, fully optimized to produce clean and robust signals, anytime, anywhere.
Sold separately by Emotiv.

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3. Scan your brain

The scanning session allows you to read your brainwaves live and save the data on our servers. The purpose is to collect as much data as possible from different brain regions.

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4. We store the data

We will keep your brainwaves data for at least the next thousand years. Taking advantage of the service of specialized companies, the data will be stored in a long-term archival facility 250 meters deep in the Arctic mountains permafrost. Even if our company doesn’t survive, your brainwaves data will undoubtedly do.

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Become a CryoMinder

This can be the chance of your life. What are you going to do?

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What is mind uploading and how far away it is?

From wikipedia:

"Mind uploading, also known as whole brain emulation, is the hypothetical futuristic process of scanning a physical structure of the brain accurately enough to create an emulation of the mental state and copying it to a computer in a digital form. The computer would then run a simulation of the brain's information processing, such that it would respond in essentially the same way as the original brain and experience having a sentient conscious mind."[1]

Do you feel that your consciousness is trapped in mortal machines made of meat? Well, the desire to be free from the limits of the human experience is as old as our first stories. For the first time, the concept of leaving our bodies behind and uploading our minds into a digital world seems possible, even like the logical next step on our evolutionary ladder.

The concept of mind uploading is based on an important idea called physicalism [2]. It says that everything about the mind can be found in the brain and it keeps the discussion within the domain of natural law.

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